Sweet Story Telling

                                      ODELIA AND PRINCE RILLIANT

          Once upon a time, there was a girl named Odelia. She lived with her mother. Her mother was sick. So she must to took care her mother. She worked as servant at the her neighbour’s house. Her neighbour’s family consisted of  a mother and two daughters,they named Lucynda and Victoria. Unfortunatelly,  they didn’t like Odelia because she was beauty rather than Lucynda and Victoria.                      Odelia was a diligent girl. These kind or treatment had been usual for Odelia. While Odelia was cooking, Lucynda and Victoria intruded . When their mother came home they were stopping it.
          One day, a handsome prince came to the village. He announced that he would hold a party at his palace that night. Lucynda and Victoria  were walking on the street when the prince announced it. 
“Oh my God , a handsome prince come to our village. Of course he want to
  marry me”, Lucynda said.
“ What? What are you talking about? .I don’t think so. Of course he will not
  do it for you. But  he want to marry me, you know.”. Victoria said.
“Yeah.. I don’t believe it. It’s  impossible .That’s never never never ever!!”,
  Lucynda answered.
Then they fighted on the street but not a long time. They were happy to hear that because they intendet to attrack the princes attention so, they hurried home tried the best clothes they had for the party. Odelia who was cleaning the house heard the announcement too. She really wanted to come but she didn’t have any party clothes she felt sad but there was nothing she could do.
          That night, Lucynda and Victoria went to the prince’s palace. They were laughing and talking along the road imagining that the prince would choose one of them to be his wife.
Odelia was crying when suddenly she watched a light came into her.That light was an angel.
“ Oh..what is that?who are you?”, Odelia surprised.
“I am angel Odelia”,Angel said.
“Are you sure? It just a dream?”, Odelia said.
“ No dear, it is not a dream. This is real. I come to help you Odelia”, Angel
“ Really?”
“ Yeah. I would give you clothes for the party.”, Angel said.
   Avrakadavra ….tlingg
“ Oh my God. It’s a beautiful dress. I love it. Thank you Angel.”, Odelia
Odelia was very happy . But she only until midnight because she would change into normal again at that time.
After she put on the clothes, Odelia went to the party. She became the center of  attention because of her beauty. The Prince fell in love with her.
“What is your name princess? I’am prince Rilliant”, open the prince.
“ My name is Odelia, prince Rilliant.”, Odelia answered.
“ Will you dance with me?”, the Prince said.
When Odelia was dancing with him, Lucynda and Victoria jealous and grumbled.
“Do you know. Your eyes like a rainbow. Your mouth like  flower. And your smile like a fresh water.”, said Prince Rilliant.
“ Oh. You are so naughty.”, Odelia said with joked.
“ Umm.. do you like chocolate?”, the prince offered.
“ Yes I like it. Please. thanks”, Odelia said.
“ Odelia ,I want to say something with you.”
“What is that?’, Odelia said.
“ Mmmm.. do you want to be my girlfriend?.”, the prince said.
“Prince Rilliant… I …I can’t refuse it”, Odelia accepted.

Then, she accepted to be the Prince’s girlfriend. Finally, they happily everafter.

*** The End ***

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